Depression is hard, and it is real. Approximately 17 million American adults suffer from depression every year (National Institute of Mental Health). Depression affects not only how you feel but how you think and handle daily tasks. Although many people think they can/should “power though” depression, the clinical reality is depression requires treatment. Depression also doesn't get better by running away or covering the problem. It gets better by facing the problem and working with a clinician to resolve root causes and increase awareness of how to manage symptoms.  At Daybreak Counseling we have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to restore people to their regular lives and treat all forms of depression.


Anxiety is definitely a part of life for most people.  Some people would say that anxiety in controlled doses is actually helpful (think of getting nervous before a test and studying extra).  However for some people anxiety reaches a point where it becomes debilitating and no longer serves a reasonable purpose.  Instead of anxiety helping these people, it instead causes them to freeze-up and to do nothing.  Other people will self-sabotage or have panic attacks.  At Daybreak Counseling we have tools that can help people significantly.  With these tools people go from extreme panic attacks to being able to function in a meaningful way in society again.


Unfortunately abuse is far more common than most people believe.  By the time young women turn 18 years old, 1/3 will have experienced some form of sexual abuse.  By the time young men turn 18 years old, 1/4 will have experienced some form of sexual abuse. When the criteria of abuse is expanded to include physical and emotional abuse, reputable studies have indicated that nearly 2/3 of the population will experience some form of abuse by the time they are 18.  Despite these daunting statistics healing is not only possible but empowering. Recent studies even show an increase in personal growth following traumatic experiences (called Post Traumatic Growth) when they are properly dealt with and healed with the aid of a trained counselor. 


Let's face it, marriage and relationships aren't always easy.  Unfortunately much of what society teaches us can actually be harmful towards relationships and create toxic behaviors that hurt our relationship's ability to grow.  Many couples struggle with feeling unloved or unconnected to each other. They may experience repetitive unproductive fights, the stress of dealing with children, or struggle to manage conflict and/or finances. Our philosophy in helping couples reconnect is achieved by integrating principles taught in Love Busters by Dr. Harley. With these tools couples can return to respecting each other, fall in love again and find happiness in their relationship.


Did you lose the textbook your child came with from the hospital?  Did someone give you the wrong textbook altogether?  Although parenting is one of the hardest things that you can do, it is also one of the most rewarding. Fortunately parents don't have to do everything alone. There is a lot of good information that can make a big difference. In working with children, we primarily use Systems Theory which shows a family is interconnected much like a spider web. If one string is pulled, it affects the other strings. Because of this, we advocate working with children both individually and in joint sessions with their parents. We tailor their needs, and help them develop coping skills to overcome challenges in their lives.


Yes, teenagers can be very challenging!  Fortunately, we've worked with many adolescents. Because we're not their parents the odds go up that they will listen.  We are also able to talk with teenagers in a way in which we are not at the center of the conflict, allowing us to find solutions.  We navigate conflicts by working with the family and the adolescent both together and separately to teach communication skills and create contracts that everyone feels good about. We are experienced in dealing with emerging mental illness in adolescents. Although teenagers can be difficult, we are confident that we can make a significant difference.


Although death is a normal part of life, that does not make it an easy part of life.  Often it is helpful to process grief by talking to someone who can help you find peace without downplaying the loss of your loved one.  Although this transition is likely to be difficult, we believe that we can help.  By having the tools to resolve grief, clients will be able to find meaning in their loss and move towards resolution and healing.



Sexual addiction is a bigger problem than most people care to admit.  The issue has gotten more press in recent years. The reality is we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.  If you or a spouse is having a problem with symptoms of sexual or porn addiction, we offer a non-shaming environment where people can candidly talk about their addiction. Furthermore, we can provide a framework that will help the client overcome their addiction. Breaking addiction is more than "having better willpower". It means having the right tools, support network, and insights to change.


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